Hasil akhir produk kain wol baru - XF460


In September 2022, our company, Zhejiang Jufei Textile, developed a new type of woolen fabric, called XF460, which is composed of 60% polyester, 20% viscose and 20% acrylic, with a weight of 460gsm and width of 150cm. This fabric imitates the small fancy woolen fabric, but the feel is not so rough, it is also woven structure, which shows that the treatment is neat, there is no burr, and it is mainly solid color, which meets the market clothing requirements, and it is very suitable for making overcoats

Ada 32 warna murni untuk dipilih, warna khusus juga tersedia, dan kami menyimpan kain ini di gudang sepanjang tahun, Anda dapat mengambil kain kapan saja, berapa pun jumlahnya.

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